Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Foods that Increase Breast Size

While it's not know if there are many foods that actually increase breast size, there are a few substances contained in foods that are thought to help.

In the past few decades, the addition of estrogens to some poultry and beef are thought to be the reason that teens and young women generally have larger breasts than women did several decades ago.

Soy is also believed to increase breast size. Soy is a common ingredient in herbal breast enlargement pills, which are usually totally natural and safe. Some massage creams also increase breast size.

Also, lactose contained in milk and some dairy products may be beneficial for increasing breast size. Try some of these foods, see if they help you. Combined with other methods, you will be able to increase your breast size noticeably! These methods are totally safe, and you don't have the dangers and risks of surgery and implants.

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